500 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

500W Folding solar panel

10pcs  50 Watts Sunpower series connection

23% high efficiency solar cells

Open size: 284*110cm Folding size: 56*56cm Unit weight: 12.25KGS

Camouflage or Black  with PVC coating fabric material


[su_table]Product Specification

Bag Material 9000
Bag Color Camouflage or Black
Open Size 2840 x 1100mm
Folding Size 560x560x70mm
Net Weight 12.25 KGS
Solar Cell Sunpower
Efficiency Rate 22.5%
Power Tolerance -5%
Maximum Power 500 Watts
Voltage at max power (Vmp) 36 Volts
Current at max power (lmp) 13.89 Amps
Open circuit voltage (Voc)) 43.2 Volts
Short circuit current (lsc) 15.1 Amps
Operating Temperature -40’C-+85’C
Maximum System Voltage 1000 Volts
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 15 Amps
Standard Test Condtion Irradiance 1000 W/Dt Module temperature 25’C,AM=l.S
Short circuit current (lsc) 15.1 Amps
Resistance Durability 2271 steel ball dropped onto solar panel from 1 meter height and 60m/s wind