Deep Mix Moscow

[native-flash-radio userinterface=’big’ backgroundcolor=’#000000′ width=’100%’ height=’420px’ themecolor=’#d900b6′ themefontcolor=’#ffffff’ startvolume=’100′ streamurl=’;*.mp3′ streamtype=’shoutcast2′ streampath=’/live’ streamid=’1′ mountpoint=” radiouid=” apikey=” radiojar=” radioname=’Deep Mix Moscow’ scroll=’auto’ autoplay=’false’ useanalyzer=’fake’ analyzertype=’6′ usecover=’true’ affiliatetoken=” debug=’false’ ownsongtitleurl=” radiocover=’’ bordertopleft=’0′ bordertopright=’0′ borderbottomleft=’0′ borderbottomright=’0′ songgooglefontname=” songfontname=” titlegooglefontname=” titlefontname=” songinformationinterval=’5000′ streamprefix=” corsproxy=’php’ usestreamcorsproxy=’false’ ]

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