Aeternal TV WiFi Portals

We offer the fastest, most reliable, and most cost-effective WiMAX and Wi-Fi systems available on the market. We can custom design your personal or business high-speed local area and wide area gateway networks ranging from 300 to 900 feet to 5 to 10 to 20+ mile areas.   Our systems can perform over 600mbps to over 1 Gigabit Speeds ideal for transmitting UHDTV 4K and 8K video and fast enough to send large data files quickly and securely over your private network.  We also can provide Digital Video Transmission systems that can Gigabit speeds over 200 Miles and reproduce locally right onto any device!

We provide wireless broadband Internet services, data centers, and interactive software solutions across the World utilizing wireless data technology, wireless Internet antennas, repeaters, network operations, and grid cloud computing services. We will be providing cutting-edge ultra high speed mediums for communication, interactive multi-media, and business management cloud computing services over the internet. The market for long-range Wi-Fi broadband internet service is wide open. Current and upcoming wireless data options are cost-prohibitive and require expensive specialized hardware making them unsustainable.

Our Hybrid communication systems are the answer to an increasing demand in Wi-Fi hotspots which is an exploding market worldwide. The modernized World needs access to the methods of communication, e-commerce, education, and volumes of information now available on the Internet, at an affordable cost. Our goal is to provide the government, companies, cities, and communities, with a convenient and affordable way to access the Internet.  We can also provide internet access and private Local Area Networks with VPNs for hotels, resorts, parks, shopping malls, stores, and public spaces.

Our Wi-Fi service network hotspot will offer targeted pay-kiosks and wireless devices. Our internet access points and interactive kiosk touch screen product vending and dispensary systems can be installed at events venues, shopping centers, theaters, airports, and in Cities, or communities to provide internet access, private clouds for communication, commerce, or IoT applications or cloud management for tracking any type of Global business or logistics. Locals and travelers can check emails, locate phone numbers, and look up directions on any of the multiple online mapping sites. They can also simply surf the net, as their time and budget allow. By accepting real money (coins and dollar bills), credit cards, and Bitcoins we can catch the casual browser and the International traveler who has money to burn.

Harmonizing and reducing the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) of WiFi can be beneficial for those concerned about potential health impacts. Here are some ways to achieve that:

  1. Use Wired Connections: Whenever possible, use wired connections like Ethernet cables instead of relying solely on WiFi.
  2. Turn Off WiFi When Not in Use: Disable WiFi on your devices when you’re not actively using it. This reduces exposure to EMF when unnecessary.
  3. Keep Devices Away from Sleeping Areas: Avoid placing WiFi routers and other EMF-emitting devices in or near bedrooms to minimize exposure during sleep.
  4. Opt for Low EMF Routers: Choose routers with lower EMF emissions. Look for routers with low power outputs and built-in EMF reduction features.
  5. Use WiFi Timer: Some routers allow you to set a timer to turn off WiFi during specific hours, reducing EMF exposure during downtime.
  6. Position the Router Wisely: Place the router in a central location, away from where you spend most of your time. This can help distribute EMF more evenly and reduce localized exposure.
  7. Use EMF Shields: Consider using EMF shielding devices, such as router guards or shielding fabrics, to reduce EMF emissions.
  8. EMF Absorbing Materials: Use EMF-absorbing materials like EMF paint or special shielding wallpapers to block or reduce WiFi signals in certain areas.
  9. Distance Matters: Keep a safe distance from WiFi routers and access points. The further away you are, the lower the EMF exposure.
  10. Use a Lower Power Setting: Some routers allow you to adjust the power output. Lowering the power setting can reduce the strength of the EMF emitted.
  11. Upgrade to a Dual-Band Router: Dual-band routers often emit lower EMF compared to single-band ones as they can operate on multiple frequencies.
  12. Choose Flight Mode: Enable airplane mode or flight mode on your devices when WiFi is not necessary. This reduces all wireless transmissions, including WiFi.
  13. Hardwire Devices: Whenever possible, hardwire devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, and desktop computers to reduce reliance on WiFi.
  14. WiFi Extenders with Lower Emissions: If using WiFi extenders or repeaters, opt for ones with lower EMF emissions.
  15. Use a WiFi Analyzer: Use a WiFi analyzer app to detect nearby networks and identify channels with less interference, potentially reducing the need for higher power output.
  16. Educate Yourself: Stay informed about EMF and WiFi safety to make informed decisions about EMF reduction methods.

Remember that while these methods can help reduce EMF exposure, it’s essential to strike a balance between reducing EMF and maintaining functional connectivity for your devices. Everyone’s sensitivity to EMF varies, so finding the right balance for your specific needs is important. If you have any questions about these methods or related topics, feel free to ask.



February 2024


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